European Association for Body Psychotherapy

“The EABP is the accrediting organisation for body psychotherapists and the established authority in its field. We work to develop professional skills, support research, promote publications and organise congresses.”


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Integrale Leibarbeit (ILA)

“The “integral work” is based on the work of W. Reich, C. G. Jung, Stanislav Grof, Virginia Satir. It was developed in the 1980s by Jutta Becker and Thea Altherr as a process-oriented Synthesis of Atemarbeit, Körperarbeit and Psychotherapy. The foundation is a deep psychological humanistic therapy, which also involves the body.”


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Balance – Practice for Body Psychotherapy

by Olaf Trapp

“Bioenergetic Analysis is a specific form of body-psychotherapy – based upon the continuity between body and mind – rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich and founded by Alexander Lowen.
BA basically combines a bodily, analytic and relational therapeutic work, based upon an energetic understanding.”


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Jutta Marie Becker

“Integral body work and integral psychology, means a holistic view of the human being, the individual, his social network and his roots in culture and nature. Integral psychology integrates somatopsychological and depth psychological insights, systemic perspectives and transpersonal experience.”


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Integral Personal Development Center and School

“IPD Center is dedicated to working on the complete emotional, psychological and spiritual maturation of a person, respecting the unity of mind and the whole organism (body) as well as the education of ITP psychotherapists, professional people and all who want to improve and understand themselves and others.”


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